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🚀 Muse is now available in Setapp! If you are a Setapp subscriber, download Muse from the Setapp platform to get started..

Hello Muse Community,

It's been quite a ride since we launched Muse 3.0! We rolled out multiple workspaces, real-time collaboration, search, and the biggest user interface revamp since our first version. Shortly after the launch, I took the helm as the solo developer of this amazing app. Your support and feedback have been invaluable during this transition, and I'm excited to share the progress since then, including some exciting news.

Over these past 7 months, I’ve shipped over 30 updates to Muse - nearly one per week! This wouldn't have been possible without you, the Muse community. Your feedback has made the difference: improvements have included customizable zoom and navigation gestures, family sharing, better iPhone sync, and Sign in with Apple, and of course many performance improvements and squashed bugs. But more than just your suggestions and bug reports, your words of encouragement have been a source of motivation and inspiration. This is a journey we’re taking together, and I'm grateful for your continued support and belief in Muse.

Building on this momentum, I’m excited to announce the next step in this journey - Muse is now available through Setapp! Muse is still available through the App Store, and Setapp brings a new platform to widen Muse's reach. Setapp is a subscription service that offers a curated collection of high-quality iOS and Mac apps for one monthly fee, and Muse is now included in the Setapp library. The Setapp plan starts at $9.99/mo and gives users access to not just Muse, but all apps within the Setapp library. Setapp subscribers will enjoy unlimited workspaces, cards, and up to 5 collaborators with Muse. I'm excited to welcome new users from the Setapp community. Get started with Muse on Setapp.

This milestone also brings some changes to Muse’s pricing. Since launching Muse 3.0 with collaboration, I’ve learned that the most important feature to users is still unlimited cards. Having two plans (Pro and Unlimited) differentiated only by collaboration is making the purchase decision unnecessarily complicated. The Pro plan's price is also significantly lower than similar software, and less than half the price of Unlimited; it doesn’t reflect the value that Muse provides.

To keep Muse pricing fair and sustainable, I’m simplifying things by removing the Pro plan for new subscribers. This only affects new subscribers, so if you're currently on the Pro plan, don't worry - you can keep your plan at its current price. By removing Pro for new subscribers, it’s clearer for folks to see the value Muse offers and understand what they’re getting. This change is also crucial for the long-term sustainability of Muse. I know that the Pro plan was popular with students and teachers, and an education discount is still available - just reach out by email.

Thank you all for your continued support! The past 7 months have brought consistent updates and improvements to Muse, and this simplified pricing and new Setapp offering strengthen Muse's sustainability for a long and exciting future.

❤️ Adam

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