Flexible boards for
connecting the dots

Muse — Dive into big ideas

Dive into
big ideas

Muse is your tool for deep work on iPad and Mac

Nested boards

a wide-open canvas mirrors how you think, with smooth navigation and a unique zooming interface.

→ Explore nested boards

Spatial text & inking

the joy of visual thinking meets the efficiency of linear text — express your most complex ideas with ease.

→ Read about text and ink

Content snippets

anything goes on a board — add images and videos, clip content from websites and emails, drop in documents and tweets.

→ Discover snippets

iPad and Mac

a native approach takes advantage of each of your device’s unique strengths with blazing fast, local‑first sync.

→ How Muse differs on iPad and Mac

Better workflows

drag and drop content between Muse and your favorite apps, switching fluidly from thinking to production work and back.

→ How Muse fits into your workflow
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  • Native to iPad and Mac.
  • Local-first sync.
  • Free for basic use.
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Pioneering better tools for thinking & creativity

The principles behind Muse

Muse is your creative sanctuary for thinking work. Use it to push yourself mentally and emotionally as far as you can go to find a pure, original, fresh result that is yours and yours alone.

To that end, here are some principles we used in designing Muse as a tool purpose-built for thinking.

Thinking is messy. Embrace the non-linear chaos of creativity. Don’t force labels, organization, or structure too early.

Ideas come from other ideas. Breakthroughs come from discovering new connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information.

Ideas love a sanctuary. Creativity is an act of vulnerability. Deep thinking needs a dedicated space that gives you confidence to express half-formed ideas, without fear of mistakes or judgement.

Thinking and productivity need different tools. Thinking tools should be purpose-built for their role as pioneers in the creative process, with the ability to seamlessly hand off content to production tools when the time comes.

Tap the information firehose, but keep it at a distance. A thinking tool should help you take advantage of social media, email, and the web — without drowning out your own voice and original ideas.

People think best away from their desks. Reading in a relaxed posture in your armchair, sketching in a notebook in your favorite cafe, taking a long walk in the park — these are where some of our best ideas and freshest thinking emerge.