New: Muse for Mac →

Your tool for thought.

Muse is a spatial canvas for your research notes, reading, sketches, screenshots, and bookmarks. Because deep thinking doesn’t happen in front of a computer.


Free to use. Buy a membership for more space.

Beyond notes, sketchbooks, and wikis.

Your thinking shouldn‘t be constrained to linear documents of mostly text. You want to move stuff around, bring in new ideas, cull irrelevant material, get a little messy. So here’s how Muse is different:

You can put anything on a Muse board.

Pull in relevant information from the web, email, Twitter, Slack, your files, notes or photos from your phone. Then arrange as you see fit. Muse lets you sift and sort through it all, helping you find new patterns and insights.

Trying to work within the rigid lists and grids of file browsers, notes apps, or wikis doesn‘t leave room for freeform creativity. Putting everything on a Muse board helps you discover and focus on what matters.

Muse lets you ink anywhere.

Sketching in Muse isn‘t restricted to a dedicated space. Ink on top of, next to, or between things. Type a sentence, then scribble a note over it. Paste a link, then move it into a sketch you made.

Muse treats the Apple Pencil as the magical tool it is—not as one with boundaries and conditions.

Your content is nested spatially.

Your work on a Muse board is alive. You can zoom into and read a PDF, or interact with text and images. Navigate with one hand and carry cards throughout your 3D knowledge garden with the other.

The unique zooming interface lets you rely on your brain‘s spatial memory to switch contexts without ever getting lost.