Inspired & focused thinking

Muse is a canvas for thinking that helps you get clarity on things that matter. Think in private or collaborate with others.


Available for iPad & Mac.

Nested boards

Beyond whiteboards

Each Muse board is like a whiteboard that can hold even more whiteboards. Stay in the ideation flow, worry about organizing later. Your boards grow organically over time, as you develop an idea or work on a project.

Linked cards & Excerpts

Reference and remix

Grow your Muse into a space of interconnected whiteboards and content. Reference a board from multiple places with linked cards. Remix parts of PDFs and images with excerpts, and use source peek to view the context of the original document.

Ink + Text + Cards

One canvas for anything

Developing an idea starts with collecting inspiration and stray thoughts. Muse lets you put everything on a single canvas: writing, scribbles, notes, images, videos, PDFs, web links, and any other files. Lay out all the raw materials, then connect the dots with ease.

Shared workspaces Pro


Add collaborators to a Muse workspace to plan and strategize your next steps together. They'll feel right at home with live cursors, comments, following, and templates.

There's plenty more …

  • Search and quick-jump to boards
  • Read and annotate PDFs
  • Create connections between cards
  • Export boards as PDFs or PNGs
  • Local-first data with instant sync
  • Native to iPad & Mac

… and plenty less

Muse is about putting down the broad strokes of an idea. Details must wait. Some features you might know from other tools are intentionally not part of Muse.

  • Drawing brushes? No
  • Complex text formatting? Nope
  • Endless canvas zooming or rotation? Nay
  • Finicky interactions? Never
  • Always-online requirement? 404

App Store Editors' Notes

"Brutal minimalism, be damned: Muse's organized chaos wrangles your files, photos, drawings, and text to provide a perfect brainstorming workspace."

Infinitely flexible

In the words of our users

A slow burn

You won’t get Muse immediately, it takes a while. But actually it is insanely useful. They market themselves as a thinking tool, and that’s true but it’s actually so much more.

I can’t imagine living without it now

If you’re an intuitive thinker and despise linear tools like Notion, you will fall in love with Muse.

For once a thinking app that is actually useful

I had given up on mindmapping or thinking canvas tools long ago, but the other day I stumble upon this YouTube video that showcased this app, and the approach seemed worth a try. It paid off!

This is insanely useful, because unlike mindmapping tools, this app allows for chaotic thinking (the way thinking actually is). The magic trick here is that you can put a canvas inside a canvas inside a canvas and so forth and link any of them to the any of the previous ones, allowing for complex and unordered relationships.

"When something can be like work or like play, never make it work"

Thinking things through, sketching, storyboarding, reading, annotating, planning with Muse never feels like work. It's more fun than the text-first apps, more fluid than all the other canvas apps.

The Muse app is like an app from far in the future.

I own and use pretty much every note taking and productivity app and there is nothing like Muse. It's like an app from the future. There is no friction to Maserati paced creativity.


Support an independent business and a product made with love.


  • Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Small board size
  • 2 workspaces
  • 100 cards per workspace
  • 1 other collaborator per workspace
  • Community support

Free forever


  • Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Huge board size
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited cards
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Priority email support
  • Warm fuzzy feeling for supporting independent software



  • Mac*, iPad, and iPhone
  • Huge board size
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited cards
  • 5 collaborators
  • Warm fuzzy feeling for supporting independent software


Students and teachers can contact us at for an education discount.

*Mac device is required for Setapp; iPad and iPhone are optional.

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