for iPad & Pencil

Your thinking canvas.

You’re a creative, thoughtful person. When you sit down to explore an idea you pull inspiration and research from the web and from your personal collection of notes and photos.

But in front of a keyboard isn’t the best place to truly think. Instead you use your sketchbook, post-its on the wall, a whiteboard. There you can rearrange freely, think spatially, draw on everything. Standing back, you get the big picture.

Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Docs are great for collecting source material—but too rigid and structured for freeform creativity, or to zoom out and see your project holistically.

That’s why we’ve created Muse. Muse brings together the benefits of thinking on paper with the power of digital sources. All on the beautiful screen of your iPad.

A fluid workspace, for your best ideas

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What will it cost?

Muse is still in early beta, but once it’s ready for release we intend to sell it as a professionally-priced product similar to Notion, Dropbox, or Ulysses.

Although app stores have driven software prices to zero, we believe that professionals are willing to pay for tools that help them do great work. We think it's hard to trust a piece of software funded by showing ads, selling your data to third parties, or ever-growing rounds of venture capital.

Additionally, we hope to have steep discounts for students, educators, and nonprofits.

Who made this?

The Muse team is Adam Wiggins, Julia Roggatz, Mark McGranaghan, and Lennart Ziburski. You can reach us at or @MuseAppHQ.

We’re a spinout from the Ink & Switch research lab, and you can read some of the research publications that led up to Muse as a product here, here, and here. You might also enjoy Julia’s demo and technical talk.