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Muse 3 is launching today! It includes collaborative workspaces, in-app search, board zoom, and an updated interface with breadcrumb navigation, back/forward buttons, ink on Mac, and more.

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Muse is a canvas for thinking that helps you get clarity on things that matter. It’s your space for deep thinking, a quiet hideaway to collect and organize your thoughts.

The 3.0 release goes beyond private workspaces by allowing you to invite your friends, family, and coworkers into new collaborative workspaces. And with new tools like search, board zoom, UI customization, and more, Muse 3 is our biggest update ever.

Collaborate with others

In addition to your private workspace, you can now add shared workspaces to collaborate with other people.

Add comment cards to boards for discussion. Their avatars appear in cards to show where they are in the board heirarchy, and tapping any avatar jumps to that person's location. You can copy a web URL to any board inside your Muse, and your collaborators can click and jump straight to that board.

Multiple workspaces let you separate your private musings from shared work areas.

Collaborate with others in a shared workspace — allowing them to view, edit, and add boards.

Follow collaborators during live sessions as they move between boards.

Search and sidebar

A highly-requested feature, in-app search, finally arrives in Muse 3. Quickly search within any workspace and jump directly to the right board. All of your text, notes, filenames are indexed for quick access.

After jumping into a document, the new navigation bar updates the breadcrumb titles to show your location within your boards. The back/forward buttons make it easy to go back to your original document.

Screenshot of in-app search in Muse 3.
Quickly jump to your content with the new in-app search, and switch between workspaces and see who's online with the new sidebar.

The new sidebar shows your workspaces, lists your collaborators, and shows all of the parent boards that link to your location. It's quick and easy to find what you're looking for and jump to the boards that matter the most.

New UI

Muse 3 brings new tools to find and navigate your content, unifying the Mac and iPad interface for uncluttered thinking. The sidebar can collapse when not in use, the new navigation bar makes it easy to keep context of your location with breadcrumbs, back and forth buttons navigate recent places, and the new toolbar gives one tap access for adding new content to your boards.

Screenshot of the new Muse 3 interface.
Collapse the sidebar, new navbar with breadcrumbs, and toolbar for quickly adding new content.

Other great new features:

Upgraded memberships

3.0 is filled with new features and functionality, and the membership plans have been upgraded to match. Every membership includes upgraded limits.

View the updated pricing page for a side-by-side comparison of the three plans.

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This is a huge update to Muse, and inevitably there will be bugs, glitches, and performance problems. Write us via in-app feedback or with any reports, or let us know in the Muse community. In the meantime, thank you so much for your support. Muse would not be what it is without supporters like you.

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