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Muse | Systems Engineer (remote)

Muse is an independent software company making tools for creative thinking. We’re seeking a systems engineer to join our all-remote team of four. You’ll be responsible for the backend and systems elements of our iOS and Mac apps, such as data storage, input processing, and rendering. This is a great fit for someone with experience building high-performance software. If you enjoy writing game engines in C++, building network servers in Go, or optimizing embedded Rust programs, you might have the right disposition for this position.


You’ll be part of the small team designing and building Muse, initially for the iPad and soon for iPhone and Mac. Muse has a novel user interface and calls for very high performance. Because of this we’re seeking someone interested in systems-level engineering applied to user-facing apps. For example, you might work on:

  • Data layer: enable fast retrieval and seamless sync across devices with technologies like Operational Transform or CloudKit.
  • Touch and stylus input: interpret noisy input quickly and accurately.
  • Inking engine: create low-latency, high-resolution ink strokes with point simplification and curve-fitting.
  • Rendering pipeline: support 120 fps rendering of rich UIs.

You should be excited about working on these problems in the context of the Apple ecosystem. However you don’t need prior experience with iOS; we’ll support you learning that on the job. We’re excited to hear from people with experience in domains like databases, distributed systems, game engines, graphics, APIs, and front-end infrastructure. These have many parallels to high-performance mobile development.

We’re an all-remote team. Candidates should be between the US Pacific and Central Europe time zone range (for video calls) and be able to travel internationally once every ~8 weeks (for team summits).


Muse is a spinout of the Ink & Switch research lab. We’re taking some of the radical interface approaches and technical ideas developed in the research setting and turning them into a real-world product.

We aim to be a small, independent business that optimizes for mojo over hypergrowth and monetizes directly with pro pricing.

Our passion is to build tools that help creative people do their best work and be their best selves. We believe in human creativity and ingenuity as a force for good; self-improvement and growth mindset; and the simple joy of flow state.


Sound interesting? To apply please send us a brief email:

Let us know why this role interests you. Please also share a sense of your work — this could be a résumé, online profile, project link, or your own description of a project.

We look forward to hearing from you!