The Muse Membership

Starts at $3.99 per month, free for casual use.


Muse Base Full-featured and free forever. Great for casual use.

100 cards

2×2 board size

$3.99 per month

Starter Membership For aspiring professionals working on many or large projects.

500 cards

6×6 board size

$9.99 per month

Pro Membership For professionals thinking deeply about their life’s work.


10×10 board size

Includes Muse Backstage Pass

Get early access to our betas.

A priority line to our team for when you have any questions or feedback.

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What you’re really paying for …

A principled product. Muse is made for your unique tastes. By paying for Muse, you help us stay niche, opinionated, and focused on your needs over the long term.

A small independent team. Your membership funds the ongoing development of the app and the independence of the team behind it. Think of it as the tech version of shopping at a farmer’s market.

Staying personal and private. Startup investors want their portfolio companies to grow huge, which is best done by monetizing user data, showing ads, or selling to the enterprise. Paying directly keeps Muse as an intimate and private tool for deep work.

An even better future. Muse is still young and we have big plans for how it can be even better. Your financial support helps us get there, and as a Pro member your feedback on beta features goes directly into shaping what the product becomes.

What counts as a card?

A card represents each item you add, such as a photo, a PDF, a block of text, a web link, or a tweet. Each board you create also counts as a card. A medium-sized project board typically has 10 to 50 cards. A project board built up over months or years might accumulate hundreds or even thousands of cards.

The card limit on each membership tier is the total number of cards in your Muse. So you can always delete cards, or archive older boards to iCloud or Dropbox, to give yourself more room.

Which board size do I need?

The maximum board size refers to the size of your iPad. For example, the Starter membership lets you create boards sized up to 6×6 — meaning as wide as 6 iPads and as tall as 6 iPads.

Every user has different needs for board size. It depends on how deeply you like to nest sub-boards. For example, a tall journal-style log could be 4×1, a wide scrolling photo gallery could be 1×4, and a whiteboard-style web of ideas could be 3×3.

What happens when my membership expires?

If you cancel your membership (after a month, a year, or ten years) all your cards will still be fully accessible inside Muse. You can still navigate around, doodle on your boards and PDFs, move cards, and export a subset or all of it as a Muse bundle or PDF. You can search by label, change labels, edit text. The only thing you can’t do? Add new content.

This means you can pay for a membership while you have an active project going on, and cancel when the project is over but still access all your content for reference. Later on if you start a new project that demands new content, you can begin a membership again.

You never need to worry that your data is locked up. We want you to pay for the value you’re getting from the tool, not for the data storage.

Do you offer an educational discount?

Not right now. Check out the Starter membership, which is popular with students.

Is Muse available in my country?

Yes! Muse is available worldwide and our USD prices have been converted to your local currency, including whatever sales tax is applicable to digital goods in your country. Some countries also have a local discount according to their relative GDP-per-capita compared to the US. Visit Muse on the App Store to see your local price.

Do you offer team pricing?

We’re considering how to best offer bundles for teams or schools; get in touch to let us know your needs.

I have feedback or other questions about the pricing.

You can always reach us at