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This position is no longer open. Thanks for your interest.

October 2021

Muse is hiring a local-first engineer

We’re looking for a software engineer excited to bring local-first sync to Muse.

Screenshot of Go source in a code editor

The Role

This is a full-time role with a high degree of freedom and responsibility. Successful candidates will have an opportunity to become a Partner in the firm.

You’ll be part of the small team (currently five people) designing and building Muse. You’ll help bring local-first sync, collaboration, and backup to the Muse product. For example, you might work on:

  • Designing and implementing a protocol for sending CRDT updates over WebSockets.
  • Partnering with the Muse iOS developers to build local-first sync clients.
  • Developing the Muse sync server.
  • Operating and scaling the sync server as usage grows.

The technologies currently in use are Swift on iOS, Go on the server, and some JavaScript for web extensions. You should be familiar with some of these technologies and excited to learn the others. No need to have production experience with local-first sync per se; indeed that’s a technology frontier you’ll be trailblazing!

The Product and Company

Muse started as a spinout of the Ink & Switch research lab. We took some of the radical interface ideas developed in a research setting and turned them into a real-world product. That product has seen good adoption and growth in paying customers.

Our next step is bringing Muse to the Mac & iPhone, providing sync across devices, and supporting collaboration among users. We believe this will be a step-change improvement for Muse and is why we’re seeking an engineer specifically interested in local-first.

We’re an all-remote team. So that you can collaborate with us on video calls and travel to our team summits, you should be in the US Pacific to Central Europe time zone range.

To apply, write us a brief email with a sense of your prior work and any questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you! 👋