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This position is no longer open. Thanks for your interest.

October 2021

Muse is hiring a designer & storyteller

We’re seeking an extraordinary person to help tell the Muse story through visual brand, web design, and writing.

About Muse

Muse is an iPad app for thinking. It’s built by an all-remote team of five people.

Our mission is to help people be more thoughtful. In a world of hot takes and notification addictions, we stand for serene contemplation and intellectual curiosity. We believe in the power of original thinking and good ideas.

How we tell our story now

We’ve had good results with building in public. As our product team develops new features, we share the philosophies and motivations behind each one. One example of this is our podcast Metamuse, which hosts deep discussions about topics important to us.

We also write long-form memos about new product features, share sneak peek videos on Twitter, and even experiment in more ambitious formats like a documentary film series.

Our team has strong opinions about the product we build and the business we are in. We have a lot to say, and we would like to be louder and even more on point when sharing our ideas.

Our goal is to create a brand of calmness, intellectual curiosity, original ideas, and serene contemplation. To have a sustainable business, we need to sell Muse to a lot of people who share these values and want to be more thoughtful. That’s what you will help us with.

About you

You should be an effective designer with a passion for storytelling. You love to explain and inspire through the web, writing, visual explanations, and brand-building.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or your specific background and experience, but you should have done this kind of work before.

You should be interested in the Muse domain (tablet computing, tools for thought, next-gen interfaces, end-user programming, etc). You should be excited about the potential for creative computing to be a positive force in people’s lives.

About the job

Here are some things you might work on if you join our team:

And above all, you’ll be able to follow your interests and intuition. There’s all sorts of projects you could take on if you’d like: better in-app onboarding, sorting through our analytics, creating sample content, sending email campaigns, building a community of Muse users, sending out user surveys—you’ll pitch your own ideas and put them into practice.

How we work

On the business side, we try to optimize our company for mojo over growth. Independence, sustainability, and pride in our work are more important to us than sheer scale. We want to build a company that’s around for the long term with a small, talented team.

We think of the Muse team as a partnership of peers, instead of the usual hierarchy of founders and employees. We set it up this way because we want to work with amazing teammates who act as owners, and the only fair way to expect that is for them to actually be owners. We set high standards for the partners and empower them to do great work for the business.

We don’t have a lot of meetings. Once a week we talk about what we are working on as a team, besides that it’s mostly asynchronous work and some 1:1 calls. We treat you as an adult, and trust you to do your best work as a manager-of-one.

This is a remote job. You will choose your own schedule and work location. We’re open to people around the world but you need to be somewhat available during our team hours which is 17:00 – 19:00 UTC on weekdays. A few times a year, we travel for in-person summits with the whole team at interesting locations around the world.

To apply, write us a brief email. Please share why you’re interested in the role, a sense of your prior work, and any initial questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you! 👋