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Write spatially & ink anywhere

Spatial text editing brings a new dimension to writing and note taking, right alongside your handwritten scribbles and rich media.

By combining the joy of visual thinking with the efficiency of linear text editing, Muse lets you express the full richness of your ideas to create unexpected connections and creative leaps.

A Muse board with text, ink, and other cards.

A Muse board with text, ink, and other cards.

Move over, text blocks

Similar to text-based apps like Notion and Craft, you can just start writing on a Muse board. Each paragraph is its own block for you to reorder, resize, duplicate, or detach completely. But Muse adds another dimension.

Write on an open canvas

When typing an email or draft article, do you ever find yourself uncertain where a section should go? Muse adds a horizontal dimension to text editing. So now you can put ideas off to the side, arrange them in groups, and make an ad-hoc kanban board or timeline. No more forced linearity. (→ Nested boards)

Handwrite and scribble anywhere iPad

Inking with Apple Pencil complements text input with a sense of boundless creativity. You can ink anywhere — on the canvas, on text, on images, on PDFs. By treating both inputs as equally important, Muse lets you express every new thought in its wisest form. (→ iPad & Mac)

Underline, circle, and highlight iPad

Writing is re-writing. Take your first draft, read it through on your iPad and scribble all over it. Highlight great turns of phrase, underline in red a section that needs work.

Remix with rich media

Just because text is linear shouldn’t mean that all other media needs to follow the same constraints. With Muse, you can put images and other files directly next to your paragraphs, or ink a line between a word and a link placed elsewhere on the canvas. (→ Content snippets)

Lay out ideas with text notes

In addition to text blocks, Muse also has more traditional text notes. They are perfect for short independent text, or for spatially laying out your ideas in self-made layouts.

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