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Beyond sketchbooks and plaintext

In the internet age, your creative inputs are far more than just plaintext. Web links, photos, videos, screenshots, PDFs, tweets — all of these exist as cards on your Muse boards.

A Muse board with images, links, PDFs, videos, excerpts, and more.

A Muse board with images, links, PDFs, videos, excerpts, and more.

Rich media cards for your creative inputs

A card is the fundamental unit on your Muse board. You can move, resize, duplicate, and delete any card in the exact same way. Ever put a PDF, a video, and a web link alongside each other? Select them all together, copy-paste them, or move them to a new place? With Muse, you can.

Images, photos, and screenshots

Photos from your camera roll, screenshots, images from around the web — visual thinking often starts with an image. Muse lets them shine as cards, without a distracting border or interface chrome.

Audio, video, and animated GIFs

Video is increasingly the most important media type of our age. Load videos from your Photos or .mp4 or .mov files from Finder. Playback with a tap or a double-click. Audio clips (like a voice memo) and animated GIFs work too.

Web links

The web is a fundamental part of our productivity and information world. Save a link (via the Muse browser extension, the iOS share extension, or just by pasting a URL) and you’ll get a link card including the website icon and title. Tap or double-click to open in your browser.

PDF documents

If your work involves reading science manuscripts, legal documents, or blueprints you’ll inevitably need to deal with PDFs. Muse has native support, including a page overview when you zoom in and a bookmark to remember where you left off. And of course, you can use your Apple Pencil to highlight, circle, underline, and make handwritten notes in the margins.


Ideas are made from other ideas, and excerpting is a technique for pulling out the most relevant parts of what you’re reading or watching. On a PDF, image, or video, you can select an area with your mouse or the selection tool, then tap or right-click and choose Excerpt. The resulting card will show the selected area, plus a small circle in the lower left to peek at the source of the excerpt.


Save any type of file into Muse such as an Excel sheet or a Zip archive. It’ll sync to all your devices automatically, and you can open in the relevant app with a tap or a double-click.


Twitter is the social network for ideas. But it’s too easy to get drawn into the information firehose if you open Twitter just to reference one inspiring or useful tweet. Save the tweet to Muse to get the value of the inspiration while protecting yourself from the engagement loop.

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